I'm Glad You are Here.

I created Strategic Life, Entrepreneurship & Wealth Management Consulting because I saw a real need in helping individuals, families, and businesses worldwide achieve real financial stability.

 Existing problems preventing real financial stability and security in families and businesses worldwide include but are not limited to lack of proper education, misinformation, complacency, and laziness. I know that stating this may not make me popular in some circles but that is the truth. 

I will tell you upfront that I am a person you will love and hate because I am forthright and don't pull any punches. I tend to make people's brains hurt, and have no issue in telling people to fire me. I wish some of my clients would fire me because they make my brain hurt. I am also going to tell you that I cannot solve any of your problems, personal, financial, or business. They are your problems and only you can solve them. However, I am just a simple Advisor with over 55-years of experiences and 10,000-years of knowledge. 

Anyway, I'm glad you are here and that you found me. You have a priceless opportunity before you if you are willing and able to take advantage of it. Welcome, and I wish you the best in all your choices.


James L Roberts