Strategic Life, Entrepreneurship, & Wealth Management & Consulting's story begins May 20th, 1962 with the birth of Strategic Life, Entrepreneurship, & Wealth Management & Consulting's founder and CEO James L Roberts. James was born the bastard child of a 20-year-old narcissistic alcoholic mother and raised in a low-income dysfunctional environment by his alcoholic mother and two narcissistic and abusive alcoholic stepfathers. In spite of having every excuse not to succeed in life, James made a choice not to let his birth and upbringing define who he is or be an excuse preventing him from achieving objectives and goals and otherwise succeeding, but the stepping stone from which to launch forward. Thus, James developed a highly analytical mindset and adopted a high standard of honor, integrity, and work ethic to live from.


James first business ventures consisted of collecting discarded glass soda bottles and turning them in for the deposit money. From this James learned some very important lessons. First, money is a tool to be used to create or obtain needs and wants in order to sustain and or improve the quality of one's lifestyle.  Secondly, money is not as important as value. Back when comic books were .25 cents, James would trade 5 empty soda bottles worth .05 cents each for a comic book. Who would except 5 empty glass soda bottles as payment for a .25 cent comic? At the time, any corner store that sold comics and soda because each bottle had a .05 cent deposit that was to be refunded upon the return of the bottle. The kicker is that today, in some places you can turn in plastic bottles for a .05 cent deposit. Why? Well if you look at the plastic bottle carefully, you will see that there is a .05 cent deposit on that bottle. That empty plastic bottle is worth .05 cents. Now, how many plastic bottles are you throwing away a day? A week? A month? A Year? Throwing away just one plastic bottle a day equals throwing away $18.25 a year! Two a day equals $36.50 a year. Something to think about while considering the Third lesson Jame learned which is the importance of knowing where and or how to convert things from what they are into currency. It is much easier to trade currency for needs and wants than it is to trade things (Bartering).


James's second business venture, Babysitting, and yard work, James learned the value of time and labor. James learned that people would pay him for his time to babysit younger children, and would also pay him to do things like yard work that they did not want to do, or could not do, but needed to be done. So, in addition to making money turning in soda bottles, James made money selling time, and labor. In addition to learning the value of time and labor James also learned that time and labor are services that like any other service can be bought and sold. The significance of this lesson is that many today are unaware of this fact, and fail to recognize their time and labor are products and fail to develop the product they are trying to sell on the market as they are looking for a job.


As James grew he know that he wanted to be his own boss, so he invested the money he made in developing his business/entrepreneurial mindset in addition to collecting comics. These investments paid off and are what started what is now Strategic Life, Entrepreneurship, & Wealth Management & Consulting. At 13-years old, James advised his second alcoholic stepfather on how to open his own small business, Jack's Auto-Body Shop in 1975. In addition to providing business consulting services for the business, James also learned the Auto-Body trade and increased his knowledge in business management and administration with first-hand knowledge of the results of the business decisions made in contrast to the advice he provided. Two years later James opened his own business detailing cars and trucks. The business was started because of the demand for him to provide the service by customers of his stepfather's Auto-Body shop and James's reputation and knowledge of the industry. His business complimented the body shop, and a nearby auto-mechanic shop and an auto parts store. The business was opened with a three-month waiting list for new customers and quickly caught the attention of some high-end vehicle dealerships and car collectors. While James was managing his detail business word was spreading regarding his keen insight and business consulting services for small business owners and startup ventures. 


Upon graduating high school in 1981, James sold his auto-detail business and started working in the fast food industry starting as an employee and quickly moving up to management in Burger King, McDonalds, Checkers, and Papa Geno's the largest privately owned Pizza & Pasta restaurant at the time. After mastering restaurant management James moved on into retail management with Little General Convenience stores, Mervens Department Stores, and Wal~Mart while under Sam Walton. It is also during this time that James was introduced to the Church of Christ and the Bible, having been challenged to read the Bible for himself he began reading it passionately and was also invited to attend the Florida School of Preaching which he completed and began preaching and teaching for the Church of Christ. James added life consulting to his business consulting services noting a close relationship between the two to those who sought his services. In November 1991, James enlisted in the U.S. Army as a UH60 Blackhawk helicopter mechanic and crew chief after being denied a commissioned officer position as a Chaplin. In addition to learning yet another trade, James was hand-picked to join the Army's only Special Operations Aviation Regiment, (SOAR) Task Force 160th, The NightStalkers. James became a non-commissioned officer, and served with honor and distinction and was honorably discharged from service November 31st. 2007 being unable to continue his service due to a service-connected lower back injury sustained while deployed in Iraq in November 2006 and a 75% disability rating.


During James's military career he ran several short-run businesses ventures to include vending services, computer introduction classes, digital photography services to which the US Army was a client, and started investing in real estate. James military career also strengthened his leadership skills and provided international business management skills, knowledge, and experience as well as acquiring international clients.


Upon returning from his second and last deployment James focused on and obtain financial service licensing in two states through Primerica and learned the financial services industry. After being discharged from military service James returned to Palm Beach County Florida and was reunited with his wife and son. The reunion was not a pleasant one and during the 2008/2009 recession, James was divorced and lost everything and declared bankruptcy in 2010. Starting over was not easy, and James found himself on food stamps and section 8 housing. That was all the help and assistance James needed to turn his life back around. One year later James was off food stamps and section 8 housing and had 8 rental properties under management. After seeing and experiencing the 2008/2009 recession and having to start over, James gave up his financial services licenses in order to add wealth consulting to the business and life management & consulting services he had been providing. The consulting business then began to take on a new life and acquired the name "Life, Wealth, & Entrepreneurship" however that did not sound right nor did it sit well with James. After much consideration and thought, James decided on "Strategic Life, Entrepreneurship, & Wealth Management & Consulting" A business that is entirely focused on the best interests of its clients. Why did James decide on this particular order? As he puts it; "life is what comes first, no one askes to exist yet here we are. Entrepreneurship is how we obtain the needed resources to sustain our lives, lifestyles, quality of life, and accumulate wealth. Wealth is the abundance of valuable resources supporting both life, lifestyle, quality of life, and entrepreneurship."



As the Strategic Life, Entrepreneurship, & Wealth Management & Consulting (SLEW-MC) team continues to grow and evolve over the coming years. SLEW-MC's focus is on getting the right people into the right roles to create efficient and sustainable opportunities, the standards of living and quality of life for SLEW-MC's clients and the world. As a committed team, we affect change across environmental and social agendas globally, one client…one family…one organization…at a time.


As our mission is to help individuals, families, and organizations advance their lives, careers, and business towards a sustainable future while creating a positive impact on communities, countries, and world. We do this by supporting and working alongside strategic partners that share our values.

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